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South Island Route

Leaving Maspalomas, bordering the coast, you will cross the small fishing village of Ar

guineguín, with an important fishing port and that treasures a pre-Hispanic village of more

than 400 houses in El Pajar.

Then we cross Patalavaca to

reach Puerto Rico, a pioneer center in the nautical sports offer and with a large de

-port pier. Puerto Rico is the mecca for sport fishing enthusiasts, with several world records in deep sea fishing. Its artificial beach, with the Blue Flag award, gives way to large gardens and several shopping centers.

We take the road back to Puerto de Mogán – known as La Venecia del Atlántico-, a fishing village that combines traditional fishermen’s houses with a modern fishing-sports port and luxury hotels.

It also has an artificial beach and offers multiple nautical activities and boat and submarine excursions. We continue to the town of Mogán, 12 km.,

Going up a long ravine surrounded by avocado crops, mangoes, oranges, papayas and other tropical fruits. In the town we can visit the church, of 1814, with a beautiful coffered woodwork and the image of San Antonio; We can also contemplate beautiful samples of traditional architecture, as is the case of the “curate” with its typical balcony.

The road that takes us to La Aldea de San Nicolás crosses the ca-beceras of the canyons of Tasartico, Tasarte and Veneguera, at the foot of the Pinar de Inagua, with the largest cliffs of the island and few beaches, mostly of callaos .

The ravine of La Aldea and that of Tocodomán form a wide valley of gentle slopes, where agricultural holdings and a large part of the population are concentrated. We will culminate this southern route visiting the hermitage of San Nicolás, one of the oldest in Gran Canaria; CactuAldea Park, a garden with two million cacti, and
the beach, about 5 km., where “El Charco” is located, a lagoon in which bathing is only allowed on September 11, on the occasion of the holidays and to catch the smooth, inheritance of an aboriginal custom. return to Maspalomas on the same road one way – a shorter and faster return – or continue to Agaete and take the highway from north to south.

This second option, although longer, crosses the cliffs and huge cliffs of the Green Platform, of extraordinary beauty