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  • Jim Bergina month ago

    Best local tapas bar ever cheap clean and food good staff the best ..

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  • Markus Schmitta month ago

    Good food and good prices...we like this place and when we stay in Playa del Ingels is one if our prevered places for tapas

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  • Víctor Vargasin the last week

    Perfect place to have real homemade food.

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  • Richard Kalmar7 months ago

    Cheap, honest cooking.. Unbelievably friendly staff, amazing food!

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  • NiKkOsAna year ago

    It's a REAL pity that a nice place like Mojo Cilantro is getting ruined by a person waiting table that has NO business dealing with clients. I thought I could relegate the experience to perhaps a bad day, which could happen to anyone, however, I have now come to the conclusion that yes, this is quite possibly the rudest, most grumpy, least polite waiter I've ever encountered in my travels. I don't like leaving bad reviews and/or giving bad feedback, however, enough is enough. Mojo Cilantro, please bring back your smiling, friendly, cordial waiter and waitress, and ditch the "joke" of a waiter whose behavior is ruining your clients' experience. I wish I spoke better Spanish to tell the waiter directly, but I don't.

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